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Often a Management buyout is a good plan for a business, rather than putting it on the market. In this case, the management are the ones to take over the business. This has many advantages, not least that they already know how to run the business, so the transition can be relatively seamless. It is also easier to maintain greater confidentiality between the seller and the buyers.

Even though, a management buyout may seem relatively simple compared to other Mergers and Acquisitions there are factors that need expert advice. Outside funding will probably be necessary, and funders will be looking at how competent the management is and what business strategies they have to enable the company to grow and flourish.
Our experts are able to make a professional evaluation of the business and will provide detailed financial analysis, giving guidance in working to get a good deal structure, that can be handled by the business into the future. They will help to train the management in their new role as owners, and to make good business strategies to move the business on.
We have a network of possible funding sources to offer and can advise on finding the right options or combination of options, including some self-financing, handling necessary negotiations and making the best deals.

All this help, plus the preparation of documents necessary for due diligence and the whole process of the transaction, handled by us, enables our clients to continue running their business as the process is going on.

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