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Mergers and Acquisitions can be complex, but our expert team of specialists can guide you through from start to finish.
Initially, they will analyse and assess your business, what are the strengths and weaknesses and what merger would best compliment your business to achieve your goals. Out of that they will work together with throughout the whole process, from targeting the right companies to closing the deal and actually merging your business.
We help with:
• evaluating potential businesses and weighing up the benefits of each.
• Assessing the risks involved.
• the preparation of documentation.
• due diligence.
• assessing and evaluating the business and financial structure
• working out a plan for the merger or acquisition, to enable a smooth transition.
• handling the negotiations and providing a deal that will best enable the company to grow.
• Looking through the options to find extra funds if needed

Throughout the process we are available for advice and we will stay by your side until the merger is fully completed.

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